Frequently Asked Questions

Can taking of Viagra, Levitra or Cialis lead to potency decrease?
These medicines are usually prescribed for erectile dysfunction treatment and cannot lead to potency decrease. Before presenting these drugs for sale, a bulk of investigations were made. Such investigations proved absolute drug safety.
How to take Viagra and Levitra correctly and what are the main differences between them?
The recommended Viagra dosage is 100 mg per day and Levitra should be taken no more than 20 mg per day. The difference between these two drugs is that Levitra acts quicker and longer, because Viagra acts 6 hours and Levitra – 8/12 hours.
Can all the medicines for erectile dysfunction treatment be combined with each other?
No, it is strictly forbidden. All the remedies like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or Kamagra contain various active constituents and their combination will not make the effect after drug taking stronger. In such a way there is a real possibility to feel side effects of drug.
Is there a possibility of drug tolerance appearance to such medicines as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?
During laboratory assessments there wasn't found any drug tolerance. On the contrary, drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment are used for releasing of sexual stress and upon that the dosage slowly decreases. As a result of such incremental decrease of dosage the patient slowly starts leading normal sexual life without sexual stimulators.
What is the main difference between Viagra and Cialis?
Cialis vs Viagra acts quicker and during longer period. Cialis acts during 36 hours so it is better to take it when you are sure that you will have sex during that period. Moreover, Cialis intake doesn't depend on the kind of food you eat and alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are acceptable but within due limits.
What is Kamagra? How it acts?
Kamagra is the drug for erectile dysfunction treatment similar to Viagra; they contain the same active element – Sildenafil. This drug starts acting in 45 minutes after taking. Having taken Kamagra blood flow to penis increases and as result men can feel erection.
Do all these remedies cause side effects? Are they dangerous to health?
As well as the majority of pills, drugs for impotency treatment also cause side effects. But usually they are inconspicuous and one should read the instruction to any drug very attentively before taking it. Also patients should understand that in some cases sexual activity is contraindicated due to the existence of some diseases.
Female Viagra: Does it exist?

Yes, it was produced not so long ago. It raises the level of estrogen in blood and releases from sexual anesthesia.

Can women take Viagra or Cialis instead of Female Viagra?

No, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra are strictly men’s drugs and it is prohibited for women to take them.

Do drugs for power loss treatment make sexual intercourse longer?

These drugs make erection more stable which gives a fair opportunity to have sex several times per night and every next sexual intercourse will last longer.